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Two days ago, we started our journey to Yala National Park. On our way there, we stopped to put our feet in the Indian Ocean.


We stayed at the coolest hotel, Cinnamon Wild. We saw a lot of boar and monkeys roaming around our chalet.

That next morning, we woke up before 5 to start our safari. We weren't lucky enough to see a leopard but we did get to see a lot of other animals!

After the safari, we headed back to Colombo. We stopped at gem city along the way.

The little huts in the background in the picture below are gem mines. They don't use any heavy machinery to mine - just a water pump, tools, wood, and man power.

The streets of gym city:

While in gem city, we stopped at a KFC where one of the guys told the employees we were from Kentucky. They were star struck. After that, we went into a gem shop, if you can call it that. It was the upstairs of someone's house.

Now, I'm sitting in the hotel room sick. I'm resting and taking meds hoping I mysteriously feel better in 5 hours when we leave for the airport. Time to head home! I'll be back in America Monday night!

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Good bye Malaysia, Hello Sri Lanka

Before leaving Malaysia, I made a a pit stop to try some durian. Durian is a fruit that is native to SE Asia. It looks like this:
It literally tasted like someone put dirty gym socks, a pinch of road kill, and blue cheese in a blender and blended until creamy. It was disgusting. I don't know how/why people find that enjoyable, but I'm glad I experienced the hype for myself.

Yesterday, we arrived in Sri Lanka and had two business tours. The first was at Hatton National Bank where having half empty fifths of vodka on in your cubicle is apparently acceptable. Next, we met with the Governor of the Central Bank - he's kind of a big deal. While driving around Colombo, I learned pretty quickly that driving lanes are only suggestions.

Trickshaw filling up

First cup of Sri Lankan tea

Today, we went to an elephant orphanage! It was wonderful and we got to ride them too!

On the way there:

Elephant Orphanage:

We then stopped at a jewelry store to learn about gem mining and jewelry making in Sri Lanka.

Some native Sri Lankan gems:

The workers making jewelry:

I even got my own little souvenir.

Tomorrow we have a business tour then off to Yala to get ready for our safari the following day!

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KL Business Tours

First off, my bag arrived last night finally!! Two people are still missing theirs... I'm so thankful to have clean clothes!

Today we had our first two business trips, MITI and Citi bank.

The group at MITI:

The girls:

Our bus driver with the Petronas Towers:

Tomorrow is our last day in Malaysia. We have a business's trip in the morning then we fly to Sri Lanka tomorrow night. Our original business trip got canceled. It was a Chinese company and they literally canceled because they thought we might be spies....

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Malaysia Culture Day

Today was a loonnng day of site seeing. The humidity here is unbearable. Nothing like back home! It was so humid this morning that my glasses and camera lens were fogging up nonstop :/

We started the day at Batu Caves where we saw plenty of monkeys who are apparently infamous for stealing your belongings! We walked away unharmed although one did hiss at me.
Next stop was a pewter factory where we got to try our luck at making pewter bowls.
We also stopped at the Royal Museum and Independence Square. Tonight, we have a group dinner. Still no bag for me. 46 hours and counting...

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First day in Malaysia

I woke up this morning with views of the Petronas Towers. I still can't believe I'm really in Asia.
We met our professor for lunch then headed to the central market for gift shopping.
After that we met up with the group for our welcome dinner. Delicious!
We have a full day tomorrow... Lots of site seeing! My bag still has not made it. Hopefully tomorrow morning...

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